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Social Media Channels – are we committed or not?

→  August 18th, 2010  →  Blog

Why are hotels, airlines, spas and many other businesses not encouraging their customers to follow them on social media channels outside of the web sites, social media channels?? In real life?

How to create great automated content to use across Social Media channels.

→  June 2nd, 2010  →  Blog

Step by step guide on how to choose content, automate content aggregation and publishing.

Social Media for Small and Medium Businesses: Tied House Brewing Case Study

→  April 22nd, 2010  →  Blog

Social Media for Small and Medium Businesses: Tied House Brewing Case Study: learn how Tied House Brewing was able to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction using Social Media channels.

What works for Dell might not work for you!

→  March 8th, 2010  →  Blog

How to build, manage and grow communities for not that well known brands? For SMBs? What is the secret sauce?

Do not forget: Innovation is a key part of Social Business!

→  March 7th, 2010  →  Blog

we’ll review the evolution of “innovation management” and how social media has a significant role to play. This is one area where social media can “move the needle” for large enterprises and help them change the very nature of the firm.

How’s Google Buzz impacting your online content sharing strategies?

→  March 1st, 2010  →  Blog

Before Buzz we all kind of figured out how to set up a right mix of feeds, RT, replies and the original content creations to keep constant relevant presence on multiple online social networking sites.

Gambling, Social Media and Your Brand.

→  January 30th, 2010  →  Blog

Companies and people who suggest that there is no ROI on social media/networking investments need to admit – they just do not know what and how to measure. What to look for, how to assess and how to interpret the results.

Your company wants to build an online community? – Key things to consider!

→  January 11th, 2010  →  Blog

This magic word – community! Suddenly all the problems will be solved! Your company just needs to create an online community – right? Key questions to answer before you start.

Social Media for Startups: Lessons Learned.

→  January 6th, 2010  →  Blog

Should startups engage in Social Media? How?
What channels to use?
How they can effectively do it without time and having limited resources?

Social CRM, Social Media, Enterprise 2.0 – How about Social Business?

→  January 5th, 2010  →  Blog

Social Media has been around for some time, and lots of businesses are using it both for internal and external collaboration with employees, customers, and partners. They are realizing, little by little, that without a strategy the usefulness of the channels and tools is limited, and the calculated ROI are slowly disappearing as the cracks begin to show around the foundation of the business intent. The use of Enterprise 2.0 for internal social strategies and Social CRM for external social work has shown promise – but stops short of being a complete business solution. The idea of integrating Enterprise 2.0, Social CRM, and Social Media into a coherent Social Business strategy is slowly taking hold in corporations around the world – but can it deliver?

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